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Plate Bending Machine

Khalsa Engineering Works since 1964 deals as a manufacturer,supplier and importer of  Mechanical Plate Bending Machine.Plate Bending machine contains friction clutches and pneumatically operated multi disc for its mechanical working purpose.It ensures ensures consistent production accuracy and faster operations due to its sophisticated design.Our Mechanical Plate Bending Machine are known for its excellent performance and High Durability offering you at leading industrial rates.

Key Features:
  • With the Help of Gears and Warm Reduction Gear Box bottom roll are fixed.Top Roll rotates in fixed positions and with the help of adjustable screws it is adjusted up and down manually.
  • With the help of M.S Plate of suitable strength and mounted on heavy base frame Housing are made. Rolls are made from forged steel which is perfectly machined for accurate result.
  • Gun Metal Bushes are provided with sufficient lubrication system for longer and smooth working of machine.
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Hydraulic Plate Bending Machine

CNC Technology Features:

  • After using the CNC Technology,they are very easy to program and have a user friendly operator interface
  • Rolls are positioned automatically as per stored program
  • They have various operating modes as per suitable job conditions
  • Their Roll Moment is synchronized automatically
  • Their cone banding parameters are included

Other Features:

  • They have superb Quality and appearance
  • They have coaxial planetary gear drive
  • The machines are provided with complete overloaded protection
  • Centralized controls are provided
  • Both edge bending are done in minimal time
  • For removal of shell,Push Button operated swing arms are provided.

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Double Pinch Plate Bending Machine

Key Features:

  • The Design structure of the machine reduces the distance between bending points thus proving us higher accuracy.
  • The machine have 4 independent bearing for each bending roll which guarantees higher reliability.
  • The roll shaft extensions allows dies to be fitted to bend profile and pipe to increase versatility of machine.
  • High Rotation power is guaranteed as the three rolls are driven by hydro-motors and gearboxes directly coupled to the rolls shafts.

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Pyramid Plate Bending Machine

Key Features:

  • It Employs the orthodox three roll pyramid principle
  • The top roll has a vertical up and down movement which is manually adjusted through screws whereas bottom rolls are fixed and are driven system of gears and worm reduction gear box.
  • With large bearing surface area the housings are steel fabricated,
  • the rolls are made up of wear resistant forged steel
  • For additional gripping and correct feeding horizontal grooves are provided throughout the length of rolls.
  • For correct feeding indicators are provided at both ends.


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